Alena Polosuhina

"When you do what you love, you get a feeling of complete happiness. Sound shutter, flash lights, make-up artists, stylists,models, a bunch of "pieces of iron" and other necessary things and…. Ideas. They are everywhere, even in the air,there are many, very many…. And they are all completely different and bright, like lanterns in the night city. It remains to reach out and catch. Catch and embody in the frame. This

an amazing sense of flight and adventure. Join !!!!" A.Polosuhina

Born in Moscow, higher technical education.

I have been shooting professionally for over 20 years. During this time, she worked in almost all leading glossy magazines: ELLE, l'officiel, ELLE girl, InStyle, TSUM Style, Cosmopolitan, Cosmopolitan Shopping, Shopping Guide, etc.

Shooting beauty, jewelry, working with models, shooting with the stars ... all these genres loved ...

Mikhail Turetsky, Tatiana Ustinova, Konstantin Khabenky, Sasha Oleshko, Leonid Konevsky,Sergey Zverev, Anastasia Volochkova, Natasha Koroleva, Alla Demidova, Stas Namin, Tutta Larsen, Alexander Marshal, Elena Vorobey Alexander Zhulin, Irina Bogushevskaya and many a lot of others.

Advertising campaigns: Incanto, DDshop, JOO, Jewelry Factory, Muratti, Nurofen, restaurant chain Pasta Project, Meissen, Tuscan’s, Vis-à-vis, Fermato & Scontato and others.


2003 - 4th All-Russian annual competition of printed publications "COVER OF THE YEAR-2003", 1st place in the category "Architecture, interior, landscape", stylist Marina Shvechkova

2005 - MDF "Fashion and Style in Photography'2005", an exhibition co-authored with Galina Skorobogatova "State"

2005 - exhibition "Egoist-2005" at the opening of the club "Egoist" exhibition in collaboration with Galina Skorobogatova

2006-2007 - exhibitions in the network of cafes "ZEN coffee" "Family Album", "Egoist-2005" and "Angels in the city "in

collaboration with Galina Skorobogatova

2009 - design of the cafe "No reason", the project "Horses Art"

2013 - participation in the project of the Russian Museum "Born to Fly and Crawl" in collaboration with Stas Namin. Series "Another life of insects"

Alena Polosuhina
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